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The road transport sector is one of the most important sources of air emissions regarding substances such as NOx, NMVOCs, CO and CO2, for most European countries. This sector has multiple impacts on the environment on different spatial and temporal scales. This is why air emissions inventories for road transport are required on different spatial scales.$With regard to inventory applications on different spatial scales, the question of consistency between local, regional and national inventories is raised. From a methodological point of view, it relates to the question of consistency between bottom-up (micro scale) approaches and top-down (macro scale) approaches. $In order to understand the possible problems of consistency between both approaches and to seek ways of harmonising different approaches, reasons of differences and discrepancies between both approaches are pointed out. $Principles for improving consistency of spatial inventories are proposed, i.e. complementary use of both approaches and multi-scale constraint principles. Especially, in the frame of the MeditAiraneo project, including the Mediterranean countries and supported by the Italian APAT Agency, a methodology for top-down emission inventories has been developed for road transport, based on these two principles. Within a top-down strategy, this multi-scale constraint principle consists of a top level constraint (e.g. national emissions as absolute references) and of a local/meso level constraints, with possible available local/meso data to be used as reference for calibration or consolidation of the spatial disaggregation process.$Some uncertainty issues are pointed out, both in the perspectives of bottom-up inventory approach and top-down approach.$This top-down methodology for road transport emission inventory is presented, within a guideline report, in a tiered implementation approach from simple to more or less complex and sophisticated ways. $

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